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"There's Life Beyond Death"


We use a vast array of equipment when conducting an investigation.  Our investigators are highly trained in their use, capabilities, and appropriate situations to use each piece of equipment.  We also use various techniques, and experiments based on sound scientific principles in order to gather evidence.  Below is a list of just some of the equipment we use, and what they do.

K2 Meters

K2 Meters are used to detect electromagnetic fields that are said to be given off by spirits.  K2 Meters can detect electromagnetic fields from 1.5 milligauss to 20+ milligauss.  Spirits can often use the meters to communicate by making the lights on the meter illuminate in order to answer "yes" or "no" questions.   

P-SB7 Spirit Box

The P-SB7 Spirit Box (or just "spirit box") is the more modern cousin of the Franks Box.  The spirit box sweeps through radio frequencies at various rates of speed.  Spirits can use the "white noise" produced by the rapidly changing frequencies to communicate in real time.  While communication with this device is not as common as a standard EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), when communication does happen, it is often unmistakable.

Audio Recorders

The audio recorder is a staple of every investigators toolbox.  Audio evidence is by far the most common of all the evidence collected in the paranormal field, so it is no wonder why audio recorders are the most common of paranormal tools.  Audio recorders often record EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).  It is believed that spirits speak on a frequency that we cannot hear without the aid of audio recorders.  When the audio is played back, often times "whispers" of the spirits can be heard.  Some responses are often times in direct response to what the living are doing and/or asking.

High Definition Night Vision Cameras

We have modified high definition action cameras so that they may receive infrared lighting.  These can be used in complete darkness to find what lurks in the darkness.  We use several of these to capture as many angles as possible.


The REM Pod is a device investigators use to detect spirits.  The REM Pod emits its own independent magnetic field which surrounds the instrument.  Spirits are able to manipulate it's lights to communicate.  The REM Pod will not only light up when a spirit approaches, it will also emit a high pitched alarm once the field is broken.  Investigators can set the REM Pod out in doorways, hallways, or in the middle of a room, and carry on with their investigation in another room; then return to the REM Pod if and when the alarm sounds. 


No, we don't play with stuffed animals...well...we wont admit to it anyway.  The BooBuddy is a useful tool in our arsenal.  This is no regular teddy bear.  The BooBuddy comes equiped with some serious paranormal tools that can detect Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF), temperature, and vibration.  Used mainly in locations were child spirits are known to exist, the BooBuddy will respond differently for each type of detection.  If the BooBuddy detects a temperature change, it will say "Brrrrrr.  It's cold in here!" in a playful voice.  If it detects vibration, it will say, "Hehehehe.  That tickles!"  The goal is to entice child spirits to interact with it...and it works!

IR Lighting

We spend a considerable amount of time in complete darkness.  Deadlite provides us with the ability to record our video footage in complete darkness!  We use only the very best equipment!